Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    New Social Media App Changes Misinformation To Truth

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    A new social media app is becoming widely popular for its stance on truth. InstaFollow is a platform that takes the truth to a whole new level by following the culture of science.

    InstaFollow boasts the world most complex algorithms which detects lies and misinformation and turns them into truth.

    The company’s CEO, Jarvis Hailstone had this to say about the new App, “People long for the simple truth, but unfortunately people are habitual liars. Our algorithms dive deep into what people think they believe and change their posts to meet that demand — we follow the science.” The InstaFollow app works by changing peoples posts from opinions to facts. But how does the app determine the difference between the two? Hailstone further explains. “Our app seeks out what the majority of people believe across other platforms and uses that information to establish what is truly fact. If the majority of people think it — then it has to be the truth.”

    Hunter Biden, who holds a majority stake in the company, had this to say, “I have partnered with China to bring the most secure technology to Americans so that they can feel safe that their data is protected.”

    The Democrat held House praised the new social media app as a step in the right direction to help everyone be safe and effective on these apps. Republican comments made on the InstaFollow platform mimicked the Democrats citing the app as both safe and effective, but some claim that is not exactly what they posted.

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