Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    NFL Reports Taunting Is The Reason For Players Bad Performances This Season

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    NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell released a report this morning that supplied the reason and cause for players poor performances this season.

    In the 109,000 page report, Goodell cites that all players poor performances are directly linked to taunting and that any revenue lost to the league was correlated to the initial taunting remarks.

    In a press conference Goodell had this to say about the report, “Players are either depressed and or emotionally hurt by taunting or they are filled with extreme anxiety over the fears of being taunted. People in general, and especially football players competing in a high contact sport are just not mentally tough enough to not be affected by such actions. That is why we are going to enforce that players do not speak or make eye contact at any player of the opposing team.”

    One player who asked not to be named had this to say about the report, “After I signed the largest contract in quarterback history I thought my performance would just naturally follow, but then came the remarks after our first game. Yeah we won, but I was a victim of taunting by some of the rival fans in that game and well I just — well it’s all I thought about and the worry about either fans or players teasing me just made me not throw the ball as well the next game. I am thankful for Goodell and his actions.”

    Under the new rules any player who looks at another player from the opposing team will be automatically disqualified from the game. Goodell believes the new rule will make the game more fun to watch.

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