Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    NFL Takes Touchdown Celebration Away Citing Looks Like Too Much Fun

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    The National Football League has once again removed the act of celebration after scoring a touchdown. The reason cited is simple — celebrations are fun and there is no room for fun in any business.

    “We need to get back to our roots as a business not a fun game,” stated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We believe that all fun and celebrating should be done in the stands by fans that are not a part of this business.

    Many players have disagreed with the move, but at the same time understand that sports is in no way a game to be played with fun, but rather a business to be taken seriously.

    “Sports is a business,” stated LeBron James. “We haven’t had any fun in the NBA for a long time and that’s the way it should be. The NFL did the right thing in removing celebrations. They like us are a professional business.”

    We reached out to several football players, but all declined to comment.

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