Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Ninety-Year-Old Man Buys Porsche With All Pennies

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    A man from Tampa Florida living out his best days purchased a brand new Porsche and paid for it with all pennies.

    Harold Peterson, a 90 year-old man, finally realized his dream over the weekend when he purchased the car of his dreams, a Porsche 911.

    “I have saved my pennies, every penny, since I was a young boy. My parents taught me that a penny saved is a penny earned. So I earned them all in hopes of one day buying my dream car,” said Mr. Peterson.

    What exactly was the cost of the new sports car. Ten million pennies to be exact. “The sales man couldn’t believe it when a dump truck pulled up and unloaded thousands of pennies. I couldn’t help but smile,” said Mr. Peterson.

    “I was completely dumbfounded,” commented Joe Billings, the owner of Tampa Porsche. “But I will tell you that all those pennies didn’t compare to watching a 90 year-old man peel out of the driveway — he sped off so fast it’s no wonder he he had a heart attack.”

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