Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    No Social Media

    Don’t those icons look cool. We just can’t figure out what they are. They came with the website.

    Okay so we’re not so bright, but we’re also not so dumb. We just forgot to set that up. Okay that’s not entirely true. We tried — but the handles we wanted were taken. Okay that’s also a lie. We did set it up. We posted, we tweeted and we instantly got kicked off. Censored. Told we were fake news. Wait — we are fake news.

    Well just because it didn’t work for us we don’t hold any judgement to those that actually did setup their social media, and get the handles they wanted, and so far haven’t gotten kicked off. We just weren’t that lucky.

    But hey — since you’re here — please share and post and tweet all of our articles (because again we can’t) so post away until your thumbs turn to spaghetti.

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