Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Nonprofit Builds Homeless Shelters From Used Face Masks

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    CALIFORNIA — A new startup nonprofit company has taken on homelessness and recycling at the same time. Face Homes has begun manufacturing tents for homeless out of recycled face masks.

    “We couldn’t sit by and do nothing anymore,” said Face Home CEO, Mark Suthersburg. “There are a lot of home deficient people in the State of California and there are a lot of disposable face masks. We simple solved two problems at the same time. And what really great about our tents is that they also protect out home deficient people form spreading or contacting any airborne sicknesses.”

    The venture has caught the attention of the White House which has pledged a billion dollars to help with the collection and assembly of the recycled face mask tents.

    “I think what they are doing is really terrific,” said President Joe Biden. “This is the kind of company we need to lead us into the future where we have no more global warming. If only they could help…once I got ice cream from a man who was homeless.”

    Face Homes has currently built one home and plans to complete another by the end of 2022.

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