Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Pastor Arrested For Saying Amen Not Awomen

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    PORTLAND, OR — John Lightly, the pastor of Faith Baptist Church was arrested over the weekend for concluding his prayer with amen.

    Lightly was arrested at 11:59 am. He was taken into custody by law enforcement before he raised his head. Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler, issued this statement, “We can not tolerate this kind of speech any longer. We need to help cultivate a society that is tolerant of everything and intolerant of anything.”

    Sara Gliby, local council women, had this to say, “The prayer is not inclusive of all. By saying amen the pastor essentially put men above everybody else — it’s just hurtful that he would do such a thing.”

    “It’s just flat out hate speech,” said Tom Whatman, a local Priest. “To close his prayer with agender or anon-binary would be more appropriate in today’s culture. It’s the religious leaders job to bend and conform to the culture — not the other way around.”

    A GoFundMe site has been setup for the members of the church for any emotional hardship they have suffered.

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