Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Pharmaceutical Company Makes Vaccine For Most Contagious Disease — The Yawn

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    VaxMore, a small independent pharmaceutical company, owned by Dr. Anthony Fauci and financed by President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has created a vaccine to cure yawns.

    “In the past decade nearly 3 people have died from yawning,” says Dr. Fauci. “The science is undeniable — yawning is perhaps the most contagious disease on the planet. But fortunately we have developed a way to save not thousands, not millions, but everyone on this planet from contracting a yawn from someone else. The technology in this vaccine is like nothing we have ever seen — but it’s been around for a very long time making this medicine both safe and effective.”

    “My dad once told me that my mom almost died from a yawn while in a burning house,” said financier Hunter Biden. “When I leaned about that I made it my life’s work, along with my very talented artwork of course, to cure yawns”

    Joey Lipshart, the first to take the VaxMore drug had this to say, “Do I still yawn — well yes — but only once or twice and then no more for like a whole hour. The true miracle about this is that I no longer worry about being put in the hospital for yawning.”

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