Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Radio Station Plays Nothing But “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Because It’s Cold Outside

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    TENNESSEE — A small radio station in Nashville has decided to play one Christmas song repeatedly for the holiday season in hopes that people will truly understand that it really is cold outside.

    Global warming has made the climate here and across the country that much colder and the radio station YDONT, has taken it upon themselves to promote climate change with a holly jolly song. “Frank Loesser was ahead of his time,” said radio personality Jeffery Holt, “He foresaw what was coming, he knew that global warming would make it really cold outside and we just want to promote that message to make people understand that it really is cold outside.”

    Democrat’s have found the radio station’s tactic of promoting global warming appalling. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made this statement. “What they are doing is just disgusting. There is no data to show that it is cold outside. They should be defunded immediately!”

    Locals love the song and thinks it has brought more joy to the city as people start to reflect on the fact that it really is cold outside. “Yeah, it seems to be colder this year,” says Luke Betterben, long time resident and avid YDONT listener. “But I really didn’t notice until I heard ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ for the hundredth time — then it sunk in.”

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