Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    The LGBT Community Adds Four New Letters to English Alphabet

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    This past weekend the LGBT Community created four new letters and added them to the 26 English letter alphabet bringing the new total to 30 letters.

    Non gender spokesperson Jan Silverton said that by adding addition letters to the alphabet they can be more inclusive to the every grown community that they are cultivating. “By the year 2050 we hope to add an additional 33 letters hereby more than doubling the current restrictive alphabet that was so poorly constructed so many years ago — quite honestly I along with my fellow non binaries are so disappointed that they did not fix this problem long ago in anticipation of the ever growing acronym that represents us.”

    When asked what the new letters represent, Silverton simply replied, “Mother Nature will most definitely tell us when the time is right — but it is our responsibility to be ready when that time comes.”

    The announcement did not come without controversy. Amy Alamasterson, a representative of the collation for grammatical correctness said,”This is an outrage. The English alphabet has not changed since the Fifth Century and we don’t think that it should ever change. No change is good change! And besides this will cause more work for us in creating new grammar rules.”

    Many proponents of the new letters (even though they do not know how to pronounce them or use them) have quickly created new words that have been cemented in social media as to avoid the government from taking action as to change the changes.

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