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    The NFL Explains What A Catch Is

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    In recent weeks many football games have been won or lost due to a misunderstanding of what constitutes as a catch. The NFL has tried to clarify the rules but some think that it has made the issue just too complicated.

    “It’s a very hard concept to explain,” says NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell. “In order to be a catch, a player must secure the football in his hands and not let it touch the ground. As you can see by that definition it becomes rather difficult for referees to judge whether or not the player has truly caught the ball.”

    The rules further stipulate that if the football touches the ground then it is not a catch and if the player doesn’t let the football touch the ground then it is a catch. But in order for it to be a catch the player must not let the football touch the ground, if he does then it is not a catch by rule.

    Players have voiced their concerns citing the rules to be too complicated.

    “I just need more clarification from the league,” said Tom Brady. “If my receiver juggles the ball and it doesn’t touch the ground I believe by rule it’s a catch, but the league then says that if the play didn’t drop the ball, in other words it doesn’t hit the ground, then it’s still a catch. And if the receiver lets the ball touch the ground then it’s not a catch — I think. I don’t know man. I just wish the league would give us better clarification.”

    Going forward the league has said that they would continue to revise the rules to give better clarification of what exactly constitutes a catch.

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