Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Tooth Fairy Begins To Leave Toilet Paper As Inflation Continues To Climb

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    In recent days, The Tooth Fairy has begun to leave toilet paper instead of money as inflation continues to steadily climb in The United States. While kids across the country are not too thrilled with the change, parents are ecstatic as lack of toilet paper supply and cost continue to increase.

    Meanwhile parents are yanking out their kids teeth left and right, many of them before they are even loose. One parent from Los Angeles had pulled out her own teeth in hopes to get a full roll of the precious white commodity. In other parts of the county entire classrooms of elementary students are showing up to school with entire mouths of missing teeth. “It will be a yearbook to remember,” said one principal from Texas.

    Economists have done the math. The going rate for front tooth is $10 and $20 for a molar. At current exchange rates the Tooth Fairy leaves three squares of toilet paper for a front tooth and five squares for a molar. At 1,000 sheets of toilet paper in the standard one-ply roll it would take 200 molars to get an entire roll

    The Tooth Fairy declined to make any further comment. Exchange rates are dollars to one-ply toilet paper.

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