Thursday, June 13, 2024

    United Airlines Recommends Bras For Best Face Mask Protection

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    United Airlines requires all passengers to wear proper face coverings with no vents or openings that fully covers their nose and mouth.

    After a recent incident where a man was kicked off a flight for wearing a pair of women’s g-string underwear United has released guidelines and recommendations on proper face coverings for their flights.

    “While we fully understand the aesthetics of wearing a g-string for a face covering we must warn passengers of the lack of protection it offers,” stated United CEO Scott Kirby. “We have worked with experts to provide our passengers a list of proper face coverings for the best protection.”

    According to United the following face coverings are recommended over g-string underwear:

    D Cup Bra: The D Cup Bra provides ultimate protection by firmly cupping one’s face and also give firm support for the chin.

    Corset Belt: For even greater protection the corset belt securely cover the entirety of the passengers face below the eyes.

    Z Cup Bra: The Z Cup Bra offer more protection over the D Cup and Corset Belt by covering the passengers entire head securely covering all holes in ones head.

    Experts also recommend that all bras used as face coverings include no lace.

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