Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    University To Offer Classes On How To File For Unemployment As It Pays More Than A Degree

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    Universities across the Nation announced that starting next semester they will begin to offer classes on how to correctly file an unemployment application.

    In a press release from the California University Office of the Chancellor, the largest four-year public university system, had this to say, “We realize that times are changing and we want to change with them. That is why we will offer classes to all of our students, regardless of citizenship or even vaccination status, on how to properly file an unemployment application. We want our students to be successful and live up to their highest earning potential and we feel that this will give them that opportunity.”

    Top Economists, Henry Bendson, had this to say about the new curriculum, “I have gone over the numbers and at current rates a newly graduate would make about 10% more on unemployment than at any entry level job or even at a management position.”

    We reached out to other universities for comments on whether they would also offer such classes, but no universities were available for comment as all their staff are still working remotely.

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